Defrag Files

Smart Defrag
Smart Defrag is specifically intended to increase system performance by defragmenting your storage...
...to defragment specific files or folder ...gameplay by defragging the corresponding files. Lastly...
AusLogics Registry Defrag
Auslogics Labs Pty. Ltd.
Auslogics Registry Defrag can increase your system’s performance by defragmenting the registry. This operation...
...system’s performance by defragmenting the registry ...aspects as unneeded files, disk fragmentation...
Puran Defrag
Puran Software
Puran Defrag can be used to boost hard disk performance by defragmenting them. The easiest way to use this tool...
...defrag a specific folder from within Windows File ...possibility to schedule defragmenting to take...
Anvi Ultimate Defrag
Anvisoft Corporation
This program can defragment the files in your computer disk so that they are easily accessible. Unlike...
This program can defragment the files in your ...programs Anvi Ultimate Defrag provides different modes...
Defrag NT
DefragNT is a free and comprehensive defragmentation tool capable of rearranging the fragments...
...and files both sorted and defragmented all ...its flexibility - from defragmenting a whole disk or...
Markement GmbH
PCSUITE DEFRAG is a esy to use tool that alow users to speeds up their PC many times over. It is a totally simple...
PCSUITE DEFRAG is a esy to use...
Ainvo Registry Defrag
Ainvo Group
The registry constantly grows in size when the computer works. Windows no longer...
...the memory. You can defragment the registry to improve...
O&O Defrag Professional
O&O Software GmbH
If you let O&O Defrag optimize your hard disks you can experience speed increases of up to 100%...
...If you let O&O Defrag optimize your hard disk ...%. When you defragment, the files that Windows splits...
Smashing Defrag
Smashing Defrag is a simple, fast and easy defragmenter software tool. This software has an Optimize Performance...
...Optimize Performance Windows Defrag, Data Safety and ...and much more. Defragment disk more efficiently...
PC Magazine Defrag-A-File
PC Magazine
PC Magazine Defrag-A-File is a powerful application that can defrag a file...
PC Magazine Defrag-A-File is a powerful application that can defrag a file. In order...
Paragon Total Defrag
Paragon Software Group
Paragon Total Defrag is the most advanced hard drive defragmentation utility available...
...technologies. Paragon Total Defrag brings complete and ...of system files, registry, page file, etc...
mst Defrag
mst software GmbH
mst Defrag is a proactive defragmentation software. It is available in three different editions to meet your...
mst Defrag is a proactive defragmentation software...
Ashampoo Magic Defrag
ashampoo Technology GmbH & Co. KG
Users of Ashampoo Magical Defrag don't need to worry about this problem, because the program keeps...
...longer than accessing a file that is all ...& Forget'. Ashampoo Magical Defrag runs in the background...
Page Defrag
PageDefrag uses advanced techniques to provide you what commercial defragmenters cannot: the ability for you...
...to defragment them. In addition, it defragments event log files and...
Registry Defrag
AusLogics, Inc.
Registry Defrag is a really easy to use program, designed to improve your...
...Registry Defrag it’s a program to defrag files in ...finds those files, it proceeds to defrag them...
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